• Grace Sixpence

Time to Party!

Lots and lots going on over the next few days, it's the weekend thank goodness so I think there will be vodka on the cards at some point, I hope. Tomorrow kicks off the opening of Templemore Cove with an amazing line of singers to sooth your soul, so if you haven't been for a walk around the sim yet to get pictures, call tomorrow during the set and let the music tantilise your ears while the sim entices your senses. It' all kicks off at 10am SLT and rolls right through until 3pm SLT

•SpiritLed 10am SLT

•Max 11am SLT

•Sassy Nitely 12pm SLT

•Tally & Fly dual stream 1pm SLT

•Oblee 2pm SLT

Sunday I have to say I'm both excited for and nervous about. Ziggy is having his debut at Lutz City of Templemore, I've known for a while he could sing, and sing good, but it's taken gentle persuasion (for an aries) on my behalf to get him to do it inworld. So please, if you are finding yourself at a loose end on Sunday and you are standing on your platform all on your own, come over and have a listen!

• Stratus Mactavish @ 9am

• Ziggy Sixpence @ 10am SLT

• Semina @ 11am SLT

• Shagpile @ 12pm SLT

Cynful must have heard my thoughts and provided me with the perfect party dress for the occasions. Currently at C88, it's the perfect party dress, just sparkly enough to catch your eye and short enough to a brow or two raised.


Hair – Doux - Ubert Hairstyle

Head – LeLUTKA.Head. Fleur

Skin – The Skinnery - Dalia - Collabor88

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Dress - Cynful - Sparkle Dress - Collabor88


FAKEICON - mary gems collar

Pose - BESHA Poses - Studio Pack 1

Taken at Templemore Cove

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