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This better be Vodka

This is going to be a therapeutic post for me, and I guess I feel safer writing it here as less will read this than a long facebook post. I really try and not get too personal on my blog, but this is affecting me greatly. So here goes.

I look after my 90 year old Dad, he has been pretty bad on his feet over the years, and ofcourse in recent months has gotten a whole lot worse. 5 weeks ago, after several falls that week, he went into hospital, they were to scan his brain, which they didn't do. They pushed him to a rehab centre for 3 weeks, and insisted he was able to do lots more than he could actually do, I had 3 weeks of fighting with the social worker to get care in place for when he was released. So fast forward to the day he was released, he was unable to walk the length of the ward. All the care I was promised, is one visit a day, a morning call to get him up.

So here we are 2 weeks later, He can't do anything for himself, I've had to take a month off work to try and get him in some sort of routine, and to try and push him into being more independent which isn't working. He tells me daily that he wishes he was dead, and honestly there are days I wish I was too. In 2 weeks, I've had 2 hours off and that was to shop for food. I get him to bed at 10pm and I sit and cry most nights. My mental health is suffering greatly, so if Im quiet or just giving short answers, please bare with me.

So in 2 weeks, I have no idea how I'm going to be able to throw my work into the mix too, cos right now I'm a mess. I have a sister and a brother, I've spoken to them both and have a Whatsapp group, 1 calls once a week, for an hour, the other calls every other day for 10 mins and then fuck off back to their own lives.

I'm tired, I'm moody and I'm really not sure what I do next.


Hair – DOUX - Rain Hairstyle

Head – LeLUTKA.Head. Fleur

Skin – The Skinnery - Dalia

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Outfit - Neve - Bunch Dress - FaMESHed (September)


Glasses - Bleich - Country Roads - Silent D Sunglesses - Silver (gacha)

Hat - (Chemistry) - Sun hat (Rigged)

Rings - (Yummy) Raw Crystal Rings - Uber

Nails - e.marie - Mix&Match Coffin Nails

Pose - [CUBUS] Gracie

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