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Smack that!

It’s Wednesday and yea, it needs smacked to keep me awake tonight, so time to throw off the bra and get a little more comfortable.

Tonight I’m going to add the links to flickr of the new releases I’m blogging for all the info! 

Gos Boutique – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gospel_voom/47463197142/in/photostream/ Lamb – https://www.flickr.com/photos/lambbellic/40548477903/in/dateposted/ Vanilla Bae – https://www.flickr.com/photos/vanillabae/46601172585/in/dateposted/

Much love and I hope to make it to the weekend, half way there!!

gos black dragon_final.jpg

Wearing Hair – Lamb. Focus – FaMESHed Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face Skin – Session – Pia Body – -Belleza– Freya Bra – +Half-Deer+ – Lingerie Clutter – Black – Draped (Bra) Panties & Garter – *Vanilla Bae * Li Li Panty & Garter – FaMESHed Shoes – Gos Boutique – So Chic Stilettos & Stockings – FaMESHed

Pose – K&S – Molly – Level Event Pic taken at Scarlett Isle

#FaMESHed #ScarlettIsle #Lamb #Session #LevelEvent #GENUS #GosBoutique #KampS #VanillaBae #Belleza #HalfDeer

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