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Sady & Grace Adventures – Part 3

I jump outta bed early, Sady is still sleeping so I pounce on the bed…’Watched too much porn last night, Sleepyhead?’ *giggles*  Time for a swim! before we hit the road again. Let’s hope no one peed in the pool, cos *shivers* ewww. Sady chuckles and announces to anyone within earshot, it will probably be you, after you drink this vodka, waving the bottle at me as we cross the road to the pool. ‘You won’t know anyway, or if you do, it will be too late!’ At least I won’t drown, that’s gotta be a good thing”

Jumping into the pool, i get balanced on my float…’Pass me the Vodka, although first …Let me take a selfie’…..

Jump over to Sady’s blog to read her porn…hmm I mean her side of the antics. Click here -><-


I’m Wearing

Hair – #Foxy – Hotline  

Head – Catwa – Lona

Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara 4.1

Tattoo – .Identity. Body Shop – Wild Desire – MBA

Bikini – Blueberry – Adrianna – C88


Sunglasses – [SteinWerk] – Bonnie & Clyde

Bracelets – **RE** – Zaria Bracelets

Rings – Zaara – Siya stacked rings

Nails – [Formanails] – Ballerina 2 (maitreya bento)

Sady is Wearing

Hair – Argrace – Hikari

Head – Catwa – Kathy

Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara 4.1

Water – Izzie’s – Body Droplets

Bikini – The Annex – Blair Swimsuit – Suicide Dollz


Sady – Poses by Foxcity

Grace – in the pool – Focus

Outside the pool – Le Poppycock


(Milk Motion)  road to nowhere – Desert Land (Milk Motion)  cactus 1 (Milk Motion)  road to nowhere – office (Milk Motion)  vacancy sign 7 – Adult Movies – XXX (*new* @ TMD) (Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Milk Motel NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Blue (*new* @ C88) 7 – Above Ground Pool  (*new* @ Summerfest) 7 – Do Not Breathe Sign (*new* @ Summerfest) 7 – Chlorine Sign (*new* @ Summerfest) 7 – No Diving Sign (*new* @ Summerfest)

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