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Sad but ok!

I'm feeling sad today, and I had no idea why til I looked at the calender and realised it was my brother's birthday, he has been dead several years and his anniversaries normally sneak up on me, cos honestly after 17 years I still don't want to think about it. Anyone who knows me or has followed my blog, he committed suicide, with no warning, no cry for help, nothing. Though my Mum did say before she died that he always said he would never grow old, I'm now older than he was when he died. He was the one that looked out for me, always. I guess there was a little black sheep in us both, him more than I. I adored him and I miss him every single day.

The picture doesn't match with today's morbid thoughts, but I needed something cheery, and I was able to do it with Lybra and Runaway's help, details below. ♥


Hair – [RA] - Sherazade Hair

Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face

Ears - L'Etre - Gem Pierced ears


Body – Maitreya – Lara

Top - Lybra - Tati

Pose – evoLove - Shoreline - TLC

Runaway - GENUS - L'etre - Maitreya - Lybra - evoLove - TLC



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