• Grace Sixpence

Road Trip

So what happened was Ziggy logged in last night and seen that I had the Amitie Jolly Car sitting on the platform, it's quite hard to nail him down for a pic these days so 'RoadTrip' was born and the scene was built around the car. It was lots of fun.

Pose - Amitie - Jolly Car - Uber

Hat - Amitie - Part of the Sunflowers Set - Equal10

Map - Amitie - Part of the 'On the Road' Set

[ Focus Poses ] Flamingo float

[Since1975] - Shopping Bag

-David Heather-Guitare Case

[Black Bantam] *sigh* English Bulldog

(Milk Motion) - Road to Nowhere - Old Gacha

Hair - Doux - Sins Hairstyle

Flowers in hair - pr!tty - Branch Headband ( part of Endless hair)

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