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  • Grace Sixpence

Not 20 anymore

No, I'm not 20 anymore Don't try to make me feel insecure 'Cause if one thing's for sure I don't wanna be

Mmhm it's Friday, like you all didn't know this already, but just in case you were hiding under a rock waiting for the weekend to appear, you made it, go you!

Vinyl have this gorgeous set available at Uber this round, and it's cute af! What you can't see is on the back of the Denim Jacket it says...Real Queens eat pizza, why yes they do!

Also released at Uber this round is this beautiful style from Lamb, perfect for summer!


Hair – Lamb - Summer - Uber

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face

Skin – ItGirls - Evy - Access Event

Body – Belleza - Isis

Vest - VINYL - Malone Denim Vest - Uber

Dress - VINYL - Mabel Lace Dress - Uber


Sunglasses - Majesty - Glam Aviator Shades - Tres Chic

Pose - Foxcity - Mermaid - Uber

Lamb - Uber - GENUS - ItGirls - Access - Belleza - VINYL - Majesty - Tres Chic - Foxcity



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