• Grace Sixpence

Leap of Faith !

What if, I picked up the wrong bag as I jumped from the plane. Well at least I have some vodka! Special thanks to Sebastien Bouevier-Banx for lending me the plane! And to Tempy for not crashing it (cos I wouldn’t let her in it). 


Wearing Hair – *ARGRACE* Saki Head – Catwa – Denise Ears – L’etre – Taper Mesh ears Skin – Pumec – Nicole – May ll Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara Dress – BUENO – BodySuit – Uber Shoes – REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers

Accessories Googles – Madpea – Cthulhu Hunter Goggles Backpack – Bleich – Vodka Backpack

Pose – Perfection – Falling pose Pic taken at Achill Island

#Argrace #Maitreya #Bueno #Reign #Bleich #PUMEC #Letre #Catwa #Madpea #Perfection #AchillIsland

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