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It’s getting cold outside

There has been a drop in temperatures here and ewww I hate it, on the upside, at least on SL, we can’t feel the cold when we visit winter sims.  I’m loving the winter clothes that I’m seeing at the minute,  Cynful have this gorgeous Candela’s Set available at Tannenbaum. Pop over to Sad November for a look around, and while you are there, GingerFish Poses have this set called Word Lust available, for the quieter moments in SL.

winter cynful_Last


Hair – Nutmeg&Entwined – Cameron

Skin – YS&YS – Jude Tone 2 – The Chapter 4

Head – Catwa – Lona

Body – Maitreya– Mesh Body – Lara 

Dress – [Cynful] – Candela’s Set – Tannenbaum(opens 25th Nov)

Shoes – N-Core – ABBEY – District20


Pose – GingerFish Poses – Word Lust – Sad November (Nov11-Dec2)

Backdrop – [ Focus Poses ] – Frosty Morning – Cosmopolitan

Tree – Skye – Twisted Tree

Deer – JIAN – Fallow Buck Static 

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