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Is this seat taken?

So this was so far outside my comfort zone for a post, I now need to plop my tuss on the seat and relax, anyone got any wine? Cheers!

N4RS have released this set of Fireplace and Candelabras for this round at Uber (open today), such a gorgeous set, fit for any home.

Scene Fireplace – N4RS – old glamour fire place @ Uber (Opened today) Candelabras – N4RS – Bronze Candelabra @ Uber  Mirror – {anc} – Looking-glass. {oval mirror} platinum Pictures – Loft & Aria – Dixie Frames Seats – Loft & Aria – Dixie Slipper Chair With Pillow Build – Apple Fall – English Folly RARE – was available on MP. 

#AppleFall #Uber #anc #LoftampAria #N4RS



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