• Grace Sixpence

Heat waves and madness

I enjoy my own company, I don't need validation to know I'm a good person.

Mostly I'm too nice, I know this. The world is shitty enough without our interactions being shitty, but every so often I reach a limit, and the slightest thing can set me off. Today is that day, I done the bigger thing and logged off SL, but had that been real life I would have ripped them a new asshole. I'm still mad, so time for a cool shower and take myself off to bed. The sun isn't making me happier it seems.


Hair – [RA] - Peach Hair

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face


Body – Belleza - Freya

Top - VINYL - Anne Ruched Top - N21

Jeans - Blueberry - Natalia


Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears

Pose - Purple Poses (No longer available)

Pic taken at Scarlett Isle

Runaway - GENUS - Belleza - Vinyl - N21 - Blueberry - Swallow - Scarlett Isle

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