• Grace Sixpence


He got mad, so I got drinks

No I'm not walking around in circles worried about what he thinks

Out with my friend, drinking a drink

Alexa knows the bartender, so all the drinks are free

He got mad, so I got drinks

Yeah some shit went down, so now I'm up for anything

Out with my friend, drinking a drink

I don't know what the problem is

I don't think it's me

First things first, yeah I know it's a bummer

That's right, it started with one that turned into another

You know I won't fake it or keep it under cover

And with it all out in the open, I can be me again

Taking a band aid and ripping it off

Wish that I could but I can't care at all

House made of cards and it's starting to fall does it feel like I'm sprinkling salt?

Cyn - Drinks


Hair – DOUX - Dua Hairstyle -Equal10

Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face

Skin – Egozy - Lakshmi

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Bikini - Cynful - Fashionista Bikini - Equal10


Sunglasses - BONDI - The Dreamer Glasses

Pose - Focus.- Welcome Aboard - Access

Hot-tub - Apple Fall - Oregon Wood-fired Spa

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