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Welcome to Amazing Grace, my very own passion project filled with a selection of my unique pictures and maybe a little humour from time to time. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Amazing Grace will ignite your own passions as well.

  • Grace Sixpence

Dreams and High Heels

I dream of a better world, where if you dislike someone or are jealous of them for whatever reason, or you just just avoid them. It really is that easy, don't pretend to be their friend when really you want nothing more than to see them broken in one way or another. Let's make it a better world for the people around us, no one knows what battle each of us are fighting. Be Kind.


Hair – Doux - Boyfriend Hairstyle

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face

Skin – ItGirls - Evy - Access Event

Body – Belleza - Isis

Top - VINYL - Urie Bustier - N21

Pants - Addams - Portia Suit Pants

Shoes - [Gos] - Amanda Peeptoe Slingbacks - C88


Sunglasses - Majesty - Glam Aviator Shades - Tres Chic

Necklace - [ kunst ] - Ivanna necklace

Pose - Diversion - Sunshine

Pic taken at Scarlett Isle

DOUX - GENUS - ItGirls - Access Event - Belleza - Vinyl - Addams - GOS - C88 - Majesty - Kunst - Diversion - Scarlett Isle



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