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Dreaming...of the weekend

Yes, why yes I am, I feel I'm a bit of a broken record willing the weekend to arrive, I'm actually now praying for August, I so need a BREAK! Have you been over to the Scarlett Isle 2.0, we went for a summer theme, so if you see me there, I will probably be hanging out of a bikini, i mean hanging out in a bikini LOL. Vinyl and Gos are both in this round of Uber and they both have gorgeous items, see the deets below!


Hair – Wasabi - Juniper Mesh Hair - Uber

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face


Body – Belleza - Freya

Top - Vinyl - Candy Beach Tee - Uber

Jeans & Belt - Vinyl - Sky Ripped Jeans High

Shoes - [GOS] - Gabby Plexi Sandals - Uber

Pose - Within the seat

Seat - {Concept} 10. Aroma. Leather Pouf

Wasabi - Uber - GENUS - Belleza - Vinyl - GOS - Concept - ScarlettIsle



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