• Grace Sixpence

Don't Tell Me How To Live

I am the story of a man. Who makes his way on his own. Don't need no kind of direction from no one. I got myself a pretty old soul. Ain't nobody gonna tell me how to live

I am a giant of a man. I do what I please. I got respect for all that's around me and expect the same for me. So go ahead do what you want. Whatever your release. I'm just looking for a little quiet and my own kind of peace.

Ain't nobody gonna tell me how to live.

I'm gonna soar like an eagle My wings will carry me away I got the heart of a lion And I get stronger everyday.


Hair – DOUX - Tegan Hairstyle

Head – GENUS - Classic Face

Skin – [theskinnery] - Irena

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Top - CYNFUL - Zipper Top

Shorts - Blueberry - HBIC Shorts

Pose - Lyrium - Brie - Equal10

Background - .PALETO. Backdrop:. MK225 - Equal10

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