• Grace Sixpence

Don't read me wrong

I think I'm a pretty nice person, I like to see others happy, but you can bet your ass that there are days I could see the world burn and it would be me holding the match. I love fiercely, I also hate just as fierce. I don't listen to what people tell me, I watch how they act. So it would seem like I'm just a typical Aries.

Lots of shopping to be done this month.

FaMESHed - Phoenix have this fun style available.

C88 - Tetra dropped this awesome set, bodysuit and pants, these can be worn together as in the pic or separate.

Pose Fair - Opens 19th of this month, Diversion have this reading set, just perfect for the Autumn weather.


Hair – Phoenix - Alina - FaMESHed

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face

Skin – MILA - Kayla

Body – Belleza - Freya

Bodysuit - Tetra - Idyllic Bodysuit - C88

Pants - Tetra - Idyllic Pants - C88

Pose - Diversion - Autumn Reading Poses - Pose Fair (Autumn)

Taken at Scarlett Isle

Phoenix - FaMESHed - GENUS - MILA - Belleza - Tetra - C88 - Diversion - Pose Fair - Scarlett Isle

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