• Grace Sixpence

Don't Leave Me Lonely

Tell me baby what's on your heart? 'Cause I've been wandering around in your dark, yeah ('Cause I've been, 'cause I've been) I've got way too many questions, always learning lessons Loving too hard (loving too hard) Give me just a second to breathe 'Cause you've been turning all the tables on me, yeah ('Cause I've been, 'cause I've been) Whenever you would get up in your feelings, I would always listen Now you turn around and leave (turn around and leave, turn around and leave)

Oh if we fall apart Let's do it in the dark Hit me in the heart this time

Don't you leave me lonely tonight 'Cause I won't forgive you (won't forgive you) Don't you leave me lonely tonight 'Cause I can't forget you (can't forget you) I toss and turn alone in my bed When you should be laying here beside me instead Oh, don't you leave me lonely tonight 'Cause I won't forgive you, forgive you, forgive you this time


Hair – BESOM HAIR ~ Pendle hairstyle - Salem

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face

Skin – MILA - Kayla

Body – Belleza - Freya

Top - Cynful - On The Go Top - FaMESHed (October)

Pants - Miu - Alina leather pants - FaMESHed (October)

Shoes - [Gos] - Charlotte Sandals - FaMESHed (October)

Pose - FOXCITY. Thoughts

Backdrop - MINIMAL - Kunstmuseen Graffiti Corner - Uber

BesomHair - Salem - GENUS - MILA - Belleza - Cynful - FaMESHed - MIU - GOS - FOXCITY - MINIMAL - Uber

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