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Is it the weekend yet????? Please for the love of all things holy make it come quick.

Lunar is a new brand that had their first release at Equal10 this round.  If you haven’t picked up this awesome set, still time to tp over.

Still about 10 days left if you haven’t yet been to FaMESHed, lots of goodies to be had including this beautiful style from Runaway.

Provoke Me are in this round of Flourish with these cute poses called Grace!

Wearing Hair – [RA] Tashie Hair – FaMESHed Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face Skin – MILA – Naina Body – -Belleza– Freya Top – Lunar – Luna Top – Equal10 Pants & Panties – Lunar – Luna Pants & Panties – Equal10

Pose – Provoke Me – Grace – Flourish

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