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Cats in the craddle

So the topic really doesn’t cover the pic, I know that Beu will know what I’m talking about, so last night there was a documentary on the TV about the times of the troubles here in Northern Ireland and it was linking old adverts that were shown on TV to try and get people to inform on their area at the time.  Now luckily for me, I was brought up way outside the city, but i still seen my fair share of stuff, windows being blown in where I worked, people dying on the street. The things I seen i had locked up in a box and forgotten about it until i seen one of the ads they showed last night, I’ve linked it below. This was played on mainstream TV when i was 16, yea you can count my age from that.  I’m lucky that my kid hasn’t grown up in the troubles so I guess all I’m trying to say is, please do love one another, stop carrying around hate, cos hell it’s not worth it. Enough of my ramblings, go get your pixel asses over to N21 and get to shopping! ♥


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Pose – FOXCITY – Night Sassy Bento Pose – N21 Background – FOXCITY. Photo Booth – RGB Drive V2.0 – N21

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