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Welcome to Amazing Grace, my very own passion project filled with a selection of my unique pictures and maybe a little humour from time to time. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Amazing Grace will ignite your own passions as well.

  • Grace Sixpence

Back to Black

So my nearest and dearest will know I've been pretty poorly from last week, I had to take time off RL work (which I rarely ever do) I was feeling extra sorry for myself, cos no one else tends to. So if I have answered you in one word answers, please excuse me for that, I've not been myself, but now that I am feeling better have you seen the new Lybra colours?!!! Soooo many options, single packs come in 3 colours of that tone. There is 3 mini packs of Light, Medium and Dark (18 tones each) and then the Mega Fatpack of all the colour tones, 54 new tones in total!

So time to get your cute booties over to FaMESHed and pick up this gorgeous outfit.


Hair – Sintiklia - Fiona - FaMESHed

Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face

Skin – Egozy - Foxy

Body – Belleza - Freya

Outfit - LYBRA - Cici - FaMESHed

Pose - GingerFish Poses - Cold Little Heart - TLC

Taken at home



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