• Grace Sixpence

All I Have To Give

Staring in the mirror

Watching as the walls are closing in

A shadow of a figure

Trying to make the best of the state that I am in

I guess I could do with the friends

I've been pushing away

But I’m destined to suffer until I discover

The reasons I'm afraid


God knows I try

It might not be good enough

But it's all I have to give

This is all I have to give

You might be right sometimes

I never open up

But it’s all I have to give

This is all I have to give

Staring in the mirror

Picturing the face of a younger man

He buries it away

'Cause he's gotta try and cope

In a way he understands

Be there for your brother

And strong for your mother again

'Cause he's too young to get it

And she'll get upset if she knows you feel the pain


Hair – DOUX - Naomi Hairstyle

Head – LeLUTKA.Head. Fleur

Skin – Glam Affair - Demi Skin - Uber

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Top - MILOTA: Dito top

Skirt - TETRA - Dina - denim ripped skirt - C88


Collar - LHM . GIORGIA

Glasses - BONDI . The Dreamer Glasses . Classic

Pose - XTC - Belle Cheri - Pose Fair

Backdrop - ::WetCat:: "Entrance" Backdrop

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