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Adventures of Sady & Grace…Part 6

So Sady made me drive, so off to Vegas baby yeah! That was months ago and and we are still here, she lined us up with jobs, I never knew I could throw my leg so high!  It will be fun she said, give it a go, she said.  Well my hips don’t think so Sady!, but the booze is good, so this makes up for it.  What have we done from the last post? Well I have everything documented, I just hope no one ever finds my diary, cos yea the skeletons would be falling out of the closet, literally.

Sady is wearing: hair:  *Besom Hair~ Vega V1 *Blondes* #20 (*new* @ Epiphany) head: CATWA HEAD Lona body: Maitreya Mesh Body skin: Glam Affair – Polly – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Jamaica The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Corset – Black – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Skirt – Black – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Epiphany “Classy & Sassy” By Phedora (*new* @ Epiphany)

pose: FOXCITY. Detached Bento Pose Set (*new* @ Limit8)

Grace is wearing: hair:  [RA] Lana Hair – (*new* @ Shiny Shabby) head: CATWA HEAD Lona body: Maitreya Mesh Body skin: YS&YS – Rose Tone 2 The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Corset – Green – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Skirt – Green – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) Gos – Bianca Pumps

pose: FOXCITY. Red Hot Bento Pose Set

SCENE: REIGN.- BABE CAVE #1 RARE (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BOSS BABE DESK 2 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- MISC. SUPPLIES (WHITE)- # 10 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BABE CAVE SOFA- #15 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BABE CAVE OTTOMAN (SILVER)- # 16 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BABE CAVE RUG- # 18 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BOOKS AND HEELS- # 22 (*new* @ Epiphany) REIGN.- BABE CAVE VANITY- # 27 (*new* @ Epiphany)

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Kiss & Makeup’ Makeup Clutter (*new* @ Epiphany) Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Emotional Baggage’ Handbag Clutter (*new* @ Epiphany) Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Planet Of the Vapes’ Electric Vape (*new* @ Epiphany)

Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White

18.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – woman

Dead Dollz – Vacanze Romane – Suitcase Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Smokey Palette Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Nude Palette Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Colors Palette

-tres blah– Eclectic Collection – Round Cloche -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Makeup Bag -tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Organizer -tres blah- Jolie – Vintage Bottle -tb- Vanity – Brushes -tb- Vanity – Nail Polishes -tb- Vanity – Platter of Treasures -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Wine Duet -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Morning Start -tres blah- Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE

1. [ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – Comb/Cologne

Quasi – Standing Jewelry Box Quasi – Opened Jewelry Box

Fancy Decor: Serpentine Candlestick (silver & black) *new* Fancy Decor: Plastic Side Table (pink)

[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Personal Massager [Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Zanax RARE

+Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Hair Accessories (Pastel)

05.[Sallie x Body Language] Undressed : Bra A 08.[Sallie x Body Language] Undressed : Socks B

zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout – Bra

* SORGO – Pain Killers

NOMAD // Allergy Medicine (Rez) NOMAD // Bright Headed Mannequin A

The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Peacock Bustle RARE (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Peacock Bodice – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Skirt – Purple – MAITREYA(Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Train – Purple – MAITREYA (Jan Pocket Gacha) The Annex – SYTF Gacha – Peacock Headdress RARE (Jan Pocket Gacha)

{-MK-} mannequin_Cloth (Black/1Li)

not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . art work . edition 3 not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . art work . edition 4

A N E Decor – Skull Vase Makeup (1Li) Pink

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