• Grace Sixpence


So anyone who knows both Ziggy and I, know that we like to change our looks ALOT, he is worse than me to be fair. He will kill me for saying that lol. Maybe that's how we are still together after 4 yrs, neither of us knows how the other is going to look tomorrow. Joking aside, I'm with him cos he still makes me laugh after this long.

Cynful hit Valentines in the right speed with this absolutely gorgeous set called XOXO, it also comes with this cute lolli.


Hair – Doux - Stormy

Head – LeLUTKA - Head.AVALON 3.0

Skin – Tres Beau

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Lolli - Cynful - XOXO Lolli- Equal 10


Lingerie Set - Cynful - XOXO Satin Lingerie Set- Equal 10

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