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  • Grace Sixpence

I've had a rough time of late RL, I'd been thinking over getting a dog for a while and this week I picked up my little fur bundle of joy, so my attention has been on him alot over the past 48 hours. We eventually decided on a name, Gizmo. Im not sure what happens if I feed him after midnight, I've not tried that yet.

Cynful are on the ball with the Autumn look, wit this gorgeous Polo Neck dress available at Uber.


Hair – Tableau Vivant \\HATtention - Brat - RARE I

Head – LeLUTKA.Head. Fleur

Skin – Glam Affair - Demi Skin

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Dress - Cynful - Polo Neck Dress - Uber

Boots - GOS - Selena over-the-knee Knit Boots

Pose - Amitie - Autumn Bench - Shiny Shabby

12 - DRD - Garden Party - Little Tree c/m


[Rezz Room] American Bully

  • Grace Sixpence

So what happened was Ziggy logged in last night and seen that I had the Amitie Jolly Car sitting on the platform, it's quite hard to nail him down for a pic these days so 'RoadTrip' was born and the scene was built around the car. It was lots of fun.

Pose - Amitie - Jolly Car - Uber

Hat - Amitie - Part of the Sunflowers Set - Equal10

Map - Amitie - Part of the 'On the Road' Set

[ Focus Poses ] Flamingo float

[Since1975] - Shopping Bag

-David Heather-Guitare Case

[Black Bantam] *sigh* English Bulldog

(Milk Motion) - Road to Nowhere - Old Gacha

Hair - Doux - Sins Hairstyle

Flowers in hair - pr!tty - Branch Headband ( part of Endless hair)

  • Grace Sixpence

Laying in the silence

Waiting for the sirens

Signs, any signs I'm alive still

I don't wanna lose it

But I'm not getting through this

Hey, should I pray, should I fray

To myself, to a god

To a saviour who can...

Unbreak the broken

Unsay these spoken words

Find hope in the hopeless

Pull me out the train wreck

Unburn the ashes

Unchain the reactions

I'm not ready to die, not yet

Pull me out the train wreck

Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out

Pull me out, pull me out


Hair – Truth - Charisma

Head – LeLUTKA.Head. Fleur

Skin – Glam Affair - Demi Skin - Uber

Body – The Shops - Legacy


Top - Cynful - Corset Satin Chain Top

Jacket - .:villena:. - Motorsport Bomber Jacket

Jeans - Gaia - Helen Denim Jeans - Kustom9


Collar - LHM . GIORGIA

Pose - FOXCITY - Underground - C88

Backdrop - FOXCITY - On The Go - C88



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