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Whata handful!

......Said No one ever I'm half way through my first week off and I'm getting lots of things finished, I'm also enjoying taking pics again, I had slowed down to a snails pace and that seemed to be enough to give me the bug again. The beautiful Rina of Diversion Poses has this pose available at La Vie en Pose, I have a singles pic coming up with her poses also. So off you shop! Wearing Hair – DOUX - Dua Hairstyle -Equal10 Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face Skin – Egozy - Lakshmi Body – The Shops - Legacy & Ziggy! Outfit Panties - Lunar - Miyu Panties - Equal10 Accessories Necklace - Cae - Marina Necklace Glasses - Sleepy Eddy_Classic Glasses (Clear) Pose - Diversion - Covered Up - La Vie en


He got mad, so I got drinks No I'm not walking around in circles worried about what he thinks Out with my friend, drinking a drink Alexa knows the bartender, so all the drinks are free He got mad, so I got drinks Yeah some shit went down, so now I'm up for anything Out with my friend, drinking a drink I don't know what the problem is I don't think it's me First things first, yeah I know it's a bummer That's right, it started with one that turned into another You know I won't fake it or keep it under cover And with it all out in the open, I can be me again Taking a band aid and ripping it off Wish that I could but I can't care at all House made of cards and it's starting to fall does it feel

So Human of You

You say, "It's only words" But they hurt so much You think your hands are warm But they are cold to the touch



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