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Holy Water

I bathe in holy water In search of what I've done I had to share my sorrow And treat it like a son Now I feel ten stone lighter With the devil off my back I'm cursed to never stumble You cursed to never crack If I ever run away they know where I'll be found No I can never run away, I'm sure they'd hunt me down But maybe you, maybe you could help to Wash away my demons and take them from me Wash away my demons have some mercy, won't you please? Wash away my problems and send them to the sea Wash away my demons and cleanse my inequity Holy water save me, holy water save me Holy water save me from myself Yeah, save me from me Wearing Hair – Truth - Delicate Head – GENUS Project – Baby Face Skin


#SL #Secondlife #Secondlife Fashion



Lamb, Vinyl_Final_edited.jpg

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