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OMG is it over yet!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate Xmas, I think it is the worst time of the year, lots of people have lost loved ones, so meals with half filled tables or even worse, people on their own, is nothing to look forward to. I love my nearest and dearest and as Scroogy as some think I am, I really quite generous. Still doesn't make me like Xmas any better though. To all the people that adore it, hold onto that as long as you can. I will be walking about with my hand to my head, thinking...What the hell have I forgotten. Happy Holidays x Wearing Hair – Foxy - Dream - C88 Head – GENUS Project – Classic Face Skin –Egozy - Foxy Body – Maitreya - Lara Top & Pants - Tetra - Neve Turtleneck and



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